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Undergraduate, M.Sc and PhD projects

The Neuronal Oscillations Group offers various exciting projects ranging from multi-photon imaging to computational modelling. If you consider joining the lab for a summer research experience, an undergraduate project or for graduate study please get in touch with Ole Paulsen. Here are titles of some recent undergraduate and M.Sc projects as a taster:

  • Muscarinic receptor subtypes in cholinergic modulation of up and down states in the mouse entorhinal cortex. Richard, Part II Physiology 2012. Supervisor: Vincent
  • Presynaptic long-term depression at L4 to L2/3 synapses in the mouse barrel cortex. Ana González Rueda, M.Sc 2011. Supervisor: Antonio and Ole
  • Electrophysiological evidence for the fundamental role of hippocampal CA3 theta oscillations in synaptic plasticity. Mélodie, M.Sc 2010. Supervisor: Michael
  • Probing hippocampal plasticity with cell-type and location specific precision using optogenetic tools. Olivia Shipton, M.Sc 2009. Supervisor Jee and Michael
  • The Effect of Neuregulin 1 upregulation on CA3 Gamma Oscillations and potential links to Schizophrenia. Riam Kanso, M.Sc. 2009. Supervisor Mariana and Ole
  • Cortical plasticity in Alzheimer's disease: long-term potentiation in MAPT mice. Julie Leitz, M.Sc 2009. Supervisor Mariana
  • Importance of calcium in induction and expression of long term depression in mossy bre-CA3 synapses of mice. Mélodie, M.Sc 2009. Supervisor: Louisa
  • Properties of hippocampal-entorhinal connections. Tor Kirkesola, M.Sc 2008. Supervisor Michael
  • Neuromodulation of network bistability in vitro. Neil Rabinowitz, M.Sc 2008. Supervisor: Michael
  • Epilepsy and sharp-wave ripples. Jonathan O'Keeffe, BM BCh Academic Foundation project 2008. Supervisor: Tommas
  • Intracellular signalling pathways for the induction of GluR1-independent LTP. Lucy Martin, 2nd year Physiology 2007. Supervisor: Carola
  • Roles of glial cells in Long Term Potentiation. Rebecca Clark, Oxion Rotation Student 2007. Supervisor: Antonio
  • NMDAR-mediated Membrane Bistability: A Potential Cellular Mechanism of Working Memory. Blake Richards, M.Sc 2007. Supervisor: Michael

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Post-Doc positions and Visitors

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In addition, we always welcome applications with CV from outstanding and enthusiastic researchers to join our group. Please contact:

Prof. Ole Paulsen

Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience (Physiology Lab.)
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3EG
United Kingdom

or by Email: op210@cam.ac.uk