Welcome to the Neuronal Oscillations Group

Our group is interested in the cellular basis of information processing in the mammalian brain.

We use cutting edge methods such as CLARITY (pictured) to investigate neural circuitry.

Our ambition is to elucidate the neural code for memory, i.e. how information is encoded, stored and retrieved in neuronal networks of the brain.

To that end, we study the rules of synaptic plasticity at the cellular and network levels during physiologically relevant network activity using electrophysiology, imaging techniques and optogenetic approaches.

Our objectives are:

1. To understand the cellular basis for generation and propagation of network oscillations in the hippocampus and thalamocortical networks.

2. To elucidate the rules for induction of synaptic plasticity during such network oscillations during development and in the adult.

3. To gain insight into how information can be stored and retrieved as changes of synaptic weights in those network.